Latent is a hidden or inactive state. It is not visible or apparent, even when present. The powers and possibilities exist but lay dormant. Many traditional photographers captured pictures on one frame. They would work in darkrooms waiting for their latent images to appear.  

Influenced by this method of photography, Charlie Cho enjoys the challenge of creating his art without the use of heavy digital modifications or multiple exposures. Aside from slight color and contrast adjustments, all of the light or fire patterns that you see in his photographs are captured in-camera and not created on a computer. 

A Los Angeles based artist, Charlie's foray into light painting has developed into a mature body of work that incorporates locales that lends themselves to the post-apocalyptic mood often felt in his photographs. Moonlight usually bathes his eerie landscapes in a surreal mood that he then enhances by using a variety of light sources that he builds. 

However, Cho’s interest in night photography goes beyond the excitement of capturing an interesting image; it is also an inner journey in which he discovers much about himself.

"The multitude of adventures I experience through my exploration as a night photographer are their own reward. Some of the locations I visit no longer exist. Some I will never have access to again. I try to take in every moment that I am there. I do not take a crew of people.  I appreciate the moments of solitude. The seemingly endless ancient lake-bed. The animal encounters. The 7 mile night hikes. The 1000 ft drop. The view. The adventure itself also heightens my creativity when I'm immersed in those types of environments. Night photography for me is as much a journey of self-realization as it is a journey of self-expression."

Written by Larry Brownstein, RangeFinder Magazine